What is a Regional Coordinating Council?


New Hampshire is divided into ten Community Transportation Regions. Each region has an associated Regional Coordinating Council, or "RCC," which is composed of local transportation providers, human service agencies, funding agencies and organizations, consumers, and regional planning commission staff. The RCCs work to develop information that is helpful to transportation service users, identify opportunities for coordination between service providers, and advise the State Coordinating Council as to the state of coordination in the region.  The RCCs also work hard to bring funding into the region to expand transportation services and improve mobility for residents.

CCRCC Mission Statement

The mission of the Carroll County Regional Coordination Council (CCRCC) is to develop a diverse system of transportation options in the Carroll County Region.  The objectives are:

· Transportation accessible to all; inviting to all ages and all walks of life;

· Collaboration among human service agencies, municipalities, businesses, and citizens;

· Expanded public transportation services and options, including volunteers, carpooling, taxi services, and rail, bicycle and pedestrian paths;

· Transportation within the counties and connections with other regions.